How to use wine barrels as a gardening pots

Home gardening can be tough. Especially on a budget. As a gardening fanatic, over the years I learnt some clever hacks and tips which I think could be of use if you’re looking to plant but also limit the amount you’re going to spend on this worthwhile hobby.

First and foremost, I think it’s important we acknowledge the benefits of starting gardening at home. You can save and grow your own vegetables at home. This encourages a much healthier diet and to get creative with your meals. When I started growing my own ingredients, I also went out and picked up a few recipe books to think up some ways to spice up my meals. I have had the opportunity to try so many different veggies and found different techniques of cooking them.

Not to mention the health benefits of gardening. Did you know research has found people who garden live longer on average? It relieves anxiety and stress and reduces risk of heart disease by keeping you active. Now I’m certainly not complaining about that.

One handy piece of advice for those looking to garden, is to reuse anything that vaguely resembles a box as a pot for your plants. Whilst pots are not overly expensive, it’s understandable if you’re looking to keep gardening to a strict limit. Ice cream tubs or any kind of plastic containers are great one time use options for your plants. Simply punch a few holes at the bottom for drainage and you’re ready to go. If you want something a bit easier on the eyes however, you can probably find some old bits and pieces around the house you haven’t thought about using before. I’ve used a few wine barrels as pots for the garden, which is looks very aesthetically pleasing in my opinion, you can get them on from wineries who has wine barrels for sale. I’ve also a few metal stationary holders as pots for the flowers which are look lovely on the window sill.

In terms of tools, not too much is required. I’ve managed to supply my tool box by dropping past a few garage sales and picking up some online. Make sure who you’re buying from online are trustworthy though as there are a few websites which could sell you low quality tools.

Remember with gardening that the key is patience. Whilst you may not see your plant doing too well at first, just keep providing it with what they need most- water, sunlight and care! Happy gardening!